Virtual Discussion: Impact of COVID-19 in EmPower countries

Start Date: Monday July 06, 2020

End Date: Monday July 06, 2020

Location: Online


COVID-19 and associated lockdowns are bringiThe primary objective of the virtual discussion was to share the findings from the COVID-19 rapid socio-economic assessment completed in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Viet Nam undertaken by the EmPower team along with project partners. The assessment studied the impacts of COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns on rural women and women entrepreneurs in climate-vulnerable communities, who are beneficiaries of the project. The virtual discussion also allowed for:

  • Partners to gain a deeper understanding on the impacts of the pandemic on women’s enterprises and livelihoods in the other EmPower project countries
  • The team and partners to update and share information on the unfolding crises in the regions in which EmPower works, including the need for further assessments or aligning these
  • The team to get feedback on potential realignment and/or addition of EmPower project activities based on the findings of the assessment
  • Partners and the team to explore opportunities to disseminate and feed the findings of the study into different streams of policymaking at the national and regional levels