Making connections that matter: Gender and climate commitments

Start Date: Friday July 09, 2021

End Date: Friday July 09, 2021

Location: Virtual


The Asia-Pacific Climate Week 2021 side event will examine how science and policy work together towards gender responsive climate action. The event is organized with a broad representation of speakers from academia, governments, and intergovernmental organizations showcasing good examples of integrating gender in NDCs through science-based assessments and gender statistics and data. Specifically, experiences from countries in Asia-Pacific who have developed State of Gender Equality and Climate Change assessment reports and those whose NDCs are gender responsive will be highlighted. The discussion will provide recommendations from the integrated science-policy assessments that covered gender analysis in the key NDC sectors such as renewable energy, agriculture, water and waste management and forestry.

What have been the key successes and learnings from the State of Gender Equality and Climate Change assessments? How can the work be applied in other countries? In a succinct style, the event will highlight 3 big ideas from the speaker’s perspective on the experiences representing various countries in Asia providing inspirational examples for others. The side event is a joint effort by the project EmPower – Women for Climate Resilient Societies, implemented by UN Women and UNEP with financial support from Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), and showcase examples from Cambodia, Vietnam and Nepal.


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