Expert exchange on green recovery through women’s entrepreneurship in renewable energy

Start Date: Wednesday October 27, 2021

End Date: Wednesday October 27, 2021

Location: Virtual


Using renewable energy does not only make sense from a climate mitigation perspective but also from an economic one as well. Access to renewable energy has the potential to provide climate resilient livelihoods, give women increased access to resources and income, and support communities in their recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

While there are number of renewable energy and women entrepreneurship programmes that exist across the world, the link between the two is not often made, and when they are, the experiences and approaches adopted for designing and implementing such initiatives are not always fully documented and shared.

Thus, UNEP and UNESCAP will host an Expert Exchange during the 11th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development to virtually launch the guidebook entitled “Renewable Energy and Women Entrepreneurship Programmes: A Guidebook in Design and Implementation” which was developed under the EmPower: Women for Climate-Resilient Societies project jointly implemented by UNEP and UN Women and funded by the Government of Sweden.

Learn more about the experiences of seasoned practitioners working in gender-responsive renewable energy-based programmes by registering to the event today!