Accelerating Gender-responsive Action through Empowered CSOs

Publish Year : 2021
Thematic Area: Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction, Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
Geographic Area: Regional


This report provides a background of gender-differentiated vulnerabilities in the context of climate change and disaster risk reduction, and the importance of civil society organizations (CSOs) in enhancing resilience of the most vulnerable, including women and girls. At the same time, it summarizes the results of a primary study done to understand the existing gaps that CSOs experience in advocating for gender mainstreaming in policies and programmes at different levels. The needs of the CSOs that go beyond capacity gaps or those that cannot be met by trainings alone as well as the recommendations based on the needs identified are presented in this report. The three countries of Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Vietnam were included in the assessment, thus, country briefs for each have also been prepared to accompany the regional report.