Climate change, gender equality and human rights in Asia - Regional review and promising practices

Publish Year : 2020
Thematic Area: Climate Change, Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, Human Rights
Geographic Area: Regional
Author: Camille Pross, Jenny Yi-Chen Han, Dayoon Kim and Sara Vigil and edited by Marion Davis


Geographic coverage: Bangladesh; Cambodia; Viet Nam

The report aims to provide a better understanding for policymakers in Asia about what focusing on human rights and gender equality in the context of climate change entails in practice. By synthesising evidence from literature across 10 different sectors (agriculture and forestry, fisheries, mining, construction, energy, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, tourism, education and health) and exploring case studies from Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam, the report summarizes the key findings and offers policy recommendations for gender transformative and human rights-based climate action.