Power for the people - delivering on the promise of decentralized, community controlled renewable energy access

Publish Year : 2016
Thematic Area: Climate Change Mitigation, SDGs, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Economic empowerment, Capacity-Building
Geographic Area: Global
Author(s): Friends of the Earth Scottland, WEDO, ActionAid


This paper makes the case that decentralized, community controlled renewable energy access is the solution to energy poverty in the context of climate change and broader social injustice. The current model of energy production, distribution, supply and consumption can be radically transformed by renewable energy, which by its nature is found everywhere. Solar, wind, micro-hydro and other renewable energy forms can be harnessed directly by communities rather than having to be centralized under the control of a few powerful actors. By their very nature, renewables – when combined with investment in off-grid and mini-grid technologies and infrastructures – can democratize energy production in such a way that makes universal energy access an achievable goal in the relatively near future.