In the Loop Issue No 2
In the Loop: Issue No. 2
Year: 2022 Tags: Climate Change, Gender Equality and Womens Empowerment, Capacity-Building, Renewable Energy, Regional

Read up on all the progress achieved by the EmPower programme as we continue our journey towards building more inclusive and climate-resilient societies in the Asia-Pacific region. View/download: ...View

renewable energy guideline
Gender integration in renewable energy policy - A guideline for renewable energy policy and decision makers
Year: 2020 Tags: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Gender Equality and Womens Empowerment, Economic empowerment

The purpose of this guide is to introduce and improve the integration of gender issues in renewable energy policies, plans and strategies by providing practical ways to step up commitments in...Download

POwering Equality
Powering Equality: Women’s entrepreneurship transforming Asia’s energy sector
Year: 2020 Tags: Gender Equality and Womens Empowerment, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Technology

This report is an initiative by the joint UN Environment Programme-UN Women project- EmPower: Women for Climate-Resilient Societies to capture the evidence and lessons that make the case for investing...Download

Empower Women in Renewable Energy
EmPower Women in Renewable Energy, Technology Transfer and Climate Action to #SolveDifferent in Asia Pacific
Year: 2019 Tags: Renewable Energy, Climate Change Mitigation, Regional

Side Event, Third Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia PacificDownload

Global gender and environment outlook
Year: 2016 Author(s): UNEP Tags: Climate Change Adaptation, SDGs, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Human Rights, Gender Equality and Womens Empowerment, Civil Society, Global

The GGEO was first proposed to UN Environment by the Network of Women Ministers and Leaders for the Environment (NWMLE) at the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20). In...Download

Power for the people - delivering on the promise of decentralized, community controlled renewable energy access
Year: 2016 Author(s): Friends of the Earth Scottland, WEDO, ActionAid Tags: Climate Change Mitigation, SDGs, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Economic empowerment, Capacity-Building, Global

This paper makes the case that decentralized, community controlled renewable energy access is the solution to energy poverty in the context of climate change and broader social injustice. The current...Download

Summary report: Roundtable Dialogue “Investing in women’s leadership in renewable energy and technology transfer –contributing to climate action and green economy in ASEAN countries”
Year: 2019 Author(s): UN Environment Tags: Renewable Energy, Gender Equality and Womens Empowerment, Technology, Capacity-Building, Climate Change Mitigation, SMEs, Regional

The Roundtable Dialogue was hosted by UN Environment, in partnership with ASEAN Centre for Energy under the project “EmPower: Women for Climate-Resilient Societies”, jointly implemented with UN Women...Download

Building resilience, integrating gender. Women, natural resources and climate change in Afghanistan
Year: 2017 Author(s): ARC, UNEP Tags: Climate Change Adaptation, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Agriculture, Capacity-Building, Economic empowerment, Sub-regional


Roots for the future: The landscape and way forward on gender and climate change
Year: 2015 Author(s): IUCN , GGCA Tags: Climate Change Adaptation, Climate Change Mitigation, Disaster Risk Reduction, SDGs, Renewable Energy, Governance, Agriculture, Civil Society, Human Rights, Capacity-Building, Economic empowerment, Global


Gender in mitigation actions
Year: 2016 Author(s): USAid, EGI, IUCN Tags: Climate Change Mitigation, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Capacity-Building, Global