Asia-Pacific's Progress towards Gender-Responsive NDCs


Tracking on integrating gender

The map provides a quick access overview of how countries in the Asia Pacific region are integrating gender into their national climate policies. Click on the countries to see a summary of their progress or check the how to guide of the NCD Map.

NDC MAP: EmPowerForClimate, UN Women


The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations.

Summary of key gender enablers

Click the location pin to see the summary of a country’s performance on gender mainstreaming within its climate commitments. Each of the forty-nine (49) countries included in the map were assessed according to the four gender enablers: Mainstreaming, Coordination, Climate Finance, and Monitoring and Verification (Transparency/ MRV)

The icons representing the enabling factors are detailed below:


Climate change laws and policies mainstream gender and exhibits effort to explore gender equality, social inclusion, and climate links and/or links to women's empowerment



Coordination mechanism mentions role of women's machineries and integrate climate change into gender equality frameworks


Gender- responsive climate finance instruments is existing and /or Gender Action Plan under the Green Climate Fund (GCF) indicate some dedicated funding for gender in climate action


Existing monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) integrate gender and/or there is commitment to collect sex and age disaggregated data (SADD)


The information for this map is based on the collaborative study conducted by UN Women, UNESCAP, UNEP, and the greenwerk entitled Is 1.5°C within Reach for the Asia-Pacific Region? Ambition and Potential of NDC Commitments of the Asia-aPacific Countries Asia-Pacific. The report provides a scenario-based assessment of the collective NDC commitments of countries in the Asia-Pacific region including individuals commitments to action.

The study has facilitated the analysis of 49 countries in the Asia Pacific Region to understand the role of gender mainstreaming in enabling enhanced climate action. Summary of the analysis for each of the country is presented in this interactive map.   

The full report can be accessed at:

Last Updated on August, 2021